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Nostalgia Following

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Hi - to anyone I’ve followed lately if you’re coming here to see why some crazy fool is following people in the twilight of this website. I’ve lurked for many, many years - probably since around 2008. I started with Defamer back in the day and joined the party at Gawker until we had to head out to the afterparty at Splinter(RIP). It’s just nostalgia really and I’m stalking some of you old timers to see if you’re still with us and where everyone ends up. The commenters have always been the best of this site for me and I just want to say that although I haven’t always commented - I’ve enjoyed reading many of yours through the years. That’s really it. I’ll still star and lurk - it’s what I do best. Thanks for the hours of pithy and informative entertainment over the years. And, all the fish! So long!


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